Investment Law as a Motor of General International Law? - School of Law to co-host high-profile investment law debates

Next week, the School of Law will co-host the 2016 edition of the Investment Law Workshops in Frankfurt (11-12 March). For years, the annual workshops have addressed foundational questions of international investment law - thus seeking to carve out space for in-depth academic reflection in a discipline dominated by case law and political controversy (TTIP etc.). This year's workshop asks whether investment law, which has dynamically evolved in the past 25 years, has begun to shape international law more generally: has it had any 'radiating effect'? To illustrate, to what extent has investment arbitration, with its many damages awards, affected the calculation of damages in other fields; and have other courts and tribunals looked to investment jurisprudence on the treatment of evidence? (For more details on the workshop theme, see the earlier blog post entitled Frankfurt Investment Law Workshop 2016).

Like earlier workshops, this year's edition brings together an exciting mix of senior experts and rising stars, among them Judge Bruno Simma (an honorary doctorand of Glasgow, after whom the School of Law's Bruno Simma prize is named), Sir Franklin Berman (the former FCO legal advisor), Hélène Ruiz Fabri (a former President of the European Society of International Law, who directs the Max Planck Institute in Luxembourg), Professor Antonios Tzanakopoulos (formerly at Glasgow, now at Oxford), Dr. Kate Parlett (London) and Professor Stephan Wittich (Vienna). As in previous years, the workshop is organised by Professor Christian J. Tams (Glasgow) in collaboration with Professors Rainer Hofmann (Frankfurt) and Stephan Schill (Amsterdam).

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