International Law as a Profession: A Lecture Series at the School of Law

"I quite like international law, but ... can you actually do something with it?" Most of us teaching international law will have heard statements like this. I hear them about once a week. It turns out you can (do something with international law). A lecture series at the University of Glasgow is meant to show what, and how. In the course of the coming weeks, we will be welcoming four practitioners of international law, i.e. lawyers who (like many of our current students) "quite liked international law" - and then decided to make a career out of it.

Their career paths have taken our speakers to the bar, to international law firms, and to government departments. En route, they have had to make choices, at times difficult ones. But they eventually ended up "doing something with international law". And they seem to be enjoying it.

In the course of our lecture series, they will share their insights and offer their advice.

All four events are aimed at students (from LLB to PhD), but open to all. There will be sufficient time for questions and answers, and for 1-to-1 discussions during an informal reception after the talks.

So if you quite like international law, but wonder whether anything can be done with it - come along!

~ Professor Christian Tams



Register for our events:

Angeline Welsh talk - Tuesday 11 October

Joanna Dingwall talk - Tuesday 25 October

National Seminar on IP Education and Training - Uzbekistan

International Corporate Governance and Law Forum